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BEEBOX (multipurpose box set)

3D model description


Last minute:(29/11/2017) At the general request (of myself and some others) I add some boxes whose opening is truncated (see the last photo..) These boxes must be assembled by 2, 3 or more and glued (the super strong Scotch glue does the job...)

At the origin of the project is the idea of modelling a honeycomb. The cells (or cells) of a honeycomb .are tubes of hexagonal section whose bottom which is not flat rather resembles a roof made up of 4 rhombuses. These cells can fit together, hence the idea of this set of boxes. Lozenges have become squares for balance.

The possible assemblies are multiple: the limit is that of your imagination! The collars make it possible to associate the boxes without any glue (except the last assembly proposed as an example).

Composition of the set: honeycomb bottom boxes of several heights, extension cords, assembly collars, lid, and flat bottom boxes.

Usage: see pictures! You can even consider assembling a pill box using the 7-piece necklace!

3D printing settings

The photographed makes were made with PLA(Chromatik). Outside the lid no support (or raft or raft) is necessary (just sometimes an improvement of the tray).

The filling is 17% and the quality is standard ( 0.15mm layer thickness).
  • 3D model format: STL





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