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Apidea queen mating nuc frame

3D model description

This is a replica of Apidea nuc frame with some adjustments to make it printable. It might not really be cheaper to print it, but it could be convenient if you need some frames asap.

Print one top bar and two side bars and you're good to go. If you use Cura you could raise the infill on the small neck of the sidebar because this is a weak spot. Or you'd print the whole frame in 100% infill. I don't think that's necessary though.

I've used PETG because I might try to put them in the wax melter someday.

In the photo there's a printed and original frame for comparison.

There are three topbar styles.
- The one with the studs, like the original.
- One with a groove that is faster to print and easier to clean or cut out.
- One with a bit of foundation. Not yet tested if the bees like this.

There's also a sidebar alternative that fits an optional bottom bar (if one desires this).

  • 3D model format: STL





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