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Anything Small Box

3D model description

For Christmas, I made this little round box and gave to friends and family. The idea is to store all those little things that get lost in drawers or cans or wherever. So, folks I gave these to put buttons, or earrings or earring backs, baby teeth (or puppy teeth in my case-Ha!), or screws for your glass’s, or seeds from the garden, or small broken pieces they swear they will glue back on to that piece of furniture or pottery and so on. Only limits are size and your imagination. Then use the supplied index to list what is in each round box. Great fun for organization.

To make, create 20 round boxes, put them into a 5 X 5 X 1 (inches) box, put 1 inch diameter labels on the lids, use pen to number labels, print and include a index and your good to go! I also included a word document to print on standard mailing labels “Anything Small Box’s” to put on outside of 5X5X1 cardboard box.

Takes about 16 minutes per box/lid on standard settings; note, fit will be tight off the printer, open close a few times to wear in. If carful can adjust lock tabs, with heat, on box to affect fit. Alternate, I put lid on box, left in window sill for a couple hours in sun to allow tabs on box to set to perfect fit.

I got the boxes from Uline. I got the labels from any office supply store. Enjoy, Reamo

Note: I tried to upload the text files for the “index” and “box labels” but Thinkiverse won’t let me. That is too bad but you can make your own.

Note: auto generated view of top is show upside down for printing.

  • 3D file format: STL





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