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3D model description

While visiting Russia last year I've stumbled upon a ginormous old factory that was still operating. Huge smokestacks with thick and black smoke coming out of them. It was a sad moment for me. It reminded me that we consume too much and too fast.

I’ve made a quick sketch and forgot about that. Last month I’ve opened the notebook one month after while sitting in a cafeteria in Milano, Italy and this is the result. I called it "MILANO", to remind me where this idea was taken to the next level. Yeah, Russia, Italy.. what a mess.. :)

A simple and useful pencil holder. The pencils in the holder resembles the smoke coming out of the chimneys and reminds me to use my resources wisely, think before applying your ideas to a paper sheet, think about every line and it's functionality. I think that is the idea behind a minimal and good design.


3D printing settings

Those are my settings and my preferences. You can experiment with your settings as you like.

You can use the stand or not, it's your choice, it looks good both ways. Please use some glue if you are planing to attach the stand to the holder.

I print with PLA at 200 degrees nozzle and 55 degrees bed(not mendatory, just apply more glue) and 0.4 nozzle diameter.

The "promzone" pencil holder:

Layer height : 0.2 mm

Top/buttom solid layers : 3

Speed : 60mm/s

Perimeters : 3

Infill : 40% ( it will do fine with less infil, I just like my objects a bit heavier)

The stands as an option(glue them to the buttom of the pencil holder):

Layer height : 0.2 mm

Top/buttom solid layers : 3

Speed : 60mm/s

Perimeters : 2

Infill : from 5% to 100%

Any issues please tell me.

I'm not a photographer so forgive me, tried my best :):):):)

Enjoy goog people!

NOTE : If you don't like the MILANO written on the model please print the one with the clean surface.

  • 3D model format: STL





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