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3" Pool Chlorinatior with Tourist Duck Lid

3D model description

I needed a chlorinator for use with 3" tablets, but Tixhyl's version is designed for the smaller (1"?) tablets. I liked the design, though, so... why reinvent the wheel? Simply rescaling the existing model wouldn't work, though, because that would have changed the size and shape of the holes. So... I loaded Sketchup and redrew the design from scratch, with the adjusted dimensions.

Not being satisfied with that, though, I thought this needed a lid, and nothing looks better floating in the pool than a rubber duck. Unfortunately, I am not too good at organic modeling yet, so I borrowed 3DprinterOS's totally awesome Tourist Duck. I did the merge for this in Blender, just because blender imports, and works with, existing STLs a lot easier than does Sketchup.

After printing, I painted the colored portions of the duck with Plaid Folk Art Multi-Surface acrylic paints.

Another Sketchup Model - Debunking the Myth that Sketchup is Useless in 3D Printing

  • 3D model format: STL





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