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Yet another wing

3D model description

This is my second wing, and - it even flies :-)
Even a looping, not really round but for the beginning not so bad:
Here is another video which is made by a friend. He added some videos of printing some parts of the plane and some stills of the preparing for the flight - and a wonderfull music that makes you feel as if the plane hovers almost weightless in the sky :-)

This wing has straight middle sections, so that the carbon tubes can go through. That makes them much more stronger in that section which is especially loaded.
Here affects the maximum bending moment.
I pushed this problem more to outside, where the bending moment is much less.
I designed new wing sections for those critical points. It has a structural infill that makes this parts much stronger and even pretty light.

3D printing settings

The methode to build the wing is the same as to the first wing.
Just print the rest wing sections in sizes you prefer and and of course the wingtips.
Besides of the middle sections you need 2x 450 mm and 2x 270 mm of wing sections.

Carbon Tubes
1x 8/6 mm (outer/inner diameter) x 1000 mm long - (for the middle wing)
1x 8/6 mm (outer/inner diameter) x 307 mm long - (for the wing end sections)

1x 4/3 mm (outer/inner diameter) x 1000 mm long - (for the middle wing)
2x 4/3 mm (outer/inner diameter) x 297 mm long - (for the wing end section)

  • 3D model format: STL



I am constructing engineer for powerplants. Designing was allways my passion and I am glad, now as a pensioner, to have interesting challenges again.
I want to give thanks to the



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