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Wobble Fish!

3D model description

Hello everyone,

This is my entry for the "œFish" contest; had lots of fun figuring this one out. Made use of several 3D printing advantages; for example, was able to print thin enough to be flexible for the cover (and still have text on part), got a nut to thread (lightly) onto printed shaft, created three dimensional fish and grass. To be able to print the fish over and over and get constant weight for balance shows print constancy.

I added simple instructions to the posted pictures. I'™ve printed and assembled the final version parts three times now and have had no fit problems.

Note: something I missed in the pictures/ instructions it to use 6-32 X .50 Long Cap Head Screws (4) and 6-32 Nuts (4).

Note: some of the parts (auto generated) are shown upside down or in wrong orientation.

Note (1/27/14): created better grass, taller and gives a better look. added the .stl file for the taller grass. Enjoy, Reamo

  • 3D file format: STL





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