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Warhammer 40K HANDGUN

3D model description

This pistol goes perfectly with any Imperial Warhammer 40K cosplay, prints easily without any supports, is fun to paint and has a suprisingly nice balance when handled.

The way it was split ensures it will fit on any regular desktop printer and in addition makes clean painting as easy as possible.

Print settings:

print at 0.1 - 0.2mm layers (I printed everything at 0.15mm)
3-4 perimeters
30% infill
no supports needed * Grip: You can either print "grip_full.stl" vertically (will require minimal supports) or print the two grip halves ("grip_1.stl" & "grip_2.stl") and put them together with the dowels and some glue.
BOM (Bill of Materials):

Any glue that fits your chosen material (Superglue and/or 5-minute epoxy for PLA; Acetone for ABS)
4x short countersunk M4 screws for the handle (decorative purpose only). Alternatively you could use tape or straps of cloth for a more post-apocalyptic look.
spray paint, acrylic/oil paints, etc.

  • 3D model format: STL





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