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Warglaive of Azzinoth

3D model description

Iconical warglaves from the Warcraft -saga wielded first by doom guard commander Azzinoth and later by Illidan Stormrage during his reign in Outlands.

This was another PETG project as the first one, the blackhand's warhammer, was liked by many of my friends.

Handle piece printed from PLA, blades from PETG. Painted using Citadel miniature paints and four LED's inside the handle pointing at the tips of the blades the create the green glow.

3D printing settings

Handle printed from PLA in three parts ("handle cuts 1 & 2" and "handle lid"). with following settings:

Layer height: 0.2

First layer height: 0.25

Perimeters: 2

Infill: 10%

Slic3r automatic support for the main handle piece and lid.

No raft

Blades printed from PETG in two pieces each with following settings:

Layer height: 0.3

First layer height: 0.3

Perimeters: 3

Infill: 0%

No support/raft

Solid bottom layers: 5

Solid top layers: 0

Please note that the settings above are highly printer specific and what works for me might not work for you.

Assembly as follows:

  • Glue the handle cuts 1 and 2 together
  • Glue the blade cuts 1 and 2 together for each blade.
  • Drill holes for LED's to the ends of each blade.
  • Glue blades to the handle.
  • Insert LED's, wiring and battery holder inside the handle and power switch to its place in the handle lid below the "ropes". I powered mine with 2xAA batteries in a scavenged holder but there are many printable battery holders available as well.
  • Paint and insert the lid to the handle. Mine turned out to be tight enough to stay in place without any fastening features after painting the parts. Originally I planned to glue it to its place as well, but no need.
  • 3D model format: STL





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