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Volvo Redblock distributor

3D model description

This is the "newest" style redblock distributor, it is very simple construction featuring only a spinning rotor inside the distributor cap. Rotor is directly connected to the camshaft and timing information is taken from RPM sensor on flywheel. There also exists possibility for mechanically adjust timing by simply rotating the distributor body's angle in relation to the head.

Again, this is not meant to be a exact replica; measurements were taken using non-digital caliper so some of them may be off. There are no bearings or oil seals for the shaft nor grooves to mount them.

It is meant to be a simple model demonstrating the mechanical operation of the part, and the scaled model does have channels for passing thin wires to each of the contact points to make it into a working miniature to light up LED's for example.

These are two sets of files: The original ones are in REAL DIMENSIONS.
SCALED files are 40% size, suitable to be used with miniature model of the cylinder head. The scaled version also features above mentioned possibility to insert wires.

  • 3D model format: STL





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