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Towers of Hanoi (up to 9 rings!)

3D model description

The Towers of hanoi is a classic puzzle which involves manipulating disks around the pins to migrate a full stack to the other side of the board (more information here: )

I've designed a small (dimensions 10cm x 3.5cm x 3cm) set which includes 9 rings altogether (although feel free to print fewer or print them all and use fewer. It's entirely up to you and the difficulty you wish to achieve).

How to play:
The goal is, after starting with the disks stacked in height order (widest at the bottom), to move the stack over to the opposite pin on the board. You must follow this simple set of rules:
- You can only move one piece at once, onto any of the pins
- You CANNOT place a larger piece on a smaller one. You cannot in any way make top-heavy stacks.

fun fact, the minimum number of moves required to complete a puzzle with n rings is given by the formula:

(2^n) - 1

So with 9 rings, it is impossible to complete in under 511 moves.


I would really appreciate it if you, should you print it, leave a picture in the 'made' section. It's great to see your work in other peoples hands :)

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  • 3D model format: STL





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