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The Whoopinator- FPV Quad Camera Mount

3D model description

Inspired by the “Tiny Whoop” low cost FPV quadcopter, this mount allows you to quickly add an FX798T camera to any drone able to carry a 6g payload.

This design came about because we have a small, ladies FPV drone racing club we're trying to get “off the ground” (LOL) here in Shenzhen. I'm trying to get more women and girls interested in the hobby as a gateway to Making. (Flying leads to crashing, crashing leads to fixing and a desire to create improvements.)

$100+ FPV drones are awesome but most of us can’t really drop that kind of money on a hobby and can't afford to crash a drone that costs that much while learning, so to keep the hobby accessible we’ve been focusing on stock micro quads and indoor parking lot racing (underground parking lots mostly). We’ve only got a few cameras and a kind of random collection of quads so I came up with this rig so we could quickly attach a FX798T to whatever we have that day and get racing.

The design is based on Oscar Liang’s “Whoopee” VTX holder. Print is one piece and somewhat more robust since many of our races turn into dogfights:-) Total weight of FX798T, holder and zip-tie is >6g. We’ve been mostly strapping them to JJRC H8 Mini’s but it fits just fine of my Syma X5C as a trainer quad.

There are two versions, regular and a strong one with an extra protective ring. I use the strong version since I crash…a lot :-P

I’ll post my FPV display solution soon...

  • 3D file format: STL





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