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The Mill

3D model description

This is a saxon / dark ages mill designed for the 28mm wargames tabletop, but which can be used as a stand-alone/educational model. The building could also be used without the mill workings as a wharfside warehouse, and I have also included a blank rear wall so that the parts can be used to create a standard wooden hut (pictured)
It is based (with a large dose of poetic licence) on the archaeological finds as pictured on the Regia Anglorum site , which I then took liberties with.
For example I may have just invented the saxon sliding door!, but my rationale is that sliding doors are cheaper than hinges, and doable if there isn't a blacksmith handy.
The mill comes with a river section designed to be used in conjunction with my Modular Water sections ( but I have included a plain mill race if the mill is for stand-alone use. I also include small supports for under the piles so you can adjust the height of the mill if you are using your own river/stream sections.
Please note that the model comes with a grain hopper and support for controlling the flow of the grain into the mill grinding wheel, but they are not included in my photos as I thought they were a bit ott for a wargames model.
Oh - there's also a couple of flour bags to chuck round the model

3D printing settings

Flashforge Creator Pro





Undercoated in gesso,
Painted in acrylics
Varnished in matt soluble varnish, except for gloss used on the water

The rectangular block is there to link, and provide support to the steps against the floor of the main building. If I'd been clever I would have made it part of the steps!

  • 3D model format: STL



Ian Harrison from London



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