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3D model description

You can put different Game Cards in Bazaya´s MARBLE BOY to play different marble games. It's inspired by handheld videogame consoles, there you put a cartridges into the console to play games.

Some games have holes, into which a marble can fall down and then roll back to bottom area of the Marble Boy where you can pick the marble up again.

The Marble Boy has also a pocket where you can store the marbles. It has a lit that you can slide open.

There are already 5 different games included:

    This game is inspired by Pacman. You put 3

    marbles in 3 different location of the maze. 1 marble is the player, Marboman. The other 2 marbles are the enemies. Now you have to tilt the Marble Boy around until Marboman was in every spot of the maze at least once without touching the enemies.

    In this game you have to tilt the Marble Boy around until the marble rolls from the start at the top left to the goal at the bottom left, without falling down the holes. If you fall down a hole you have to start again.

    This game is inspired by Pachinko-Games. Put the marble on bottom right on the ramp. Tilt the Marble Boy away from you to built up speed. Then the marble reaches the top tilt the Marble Boy back down. Hope the marble lands in a pocket and not in the hole at the bottom.

    This games has no rules, just have fun rolling around.

  5. PYRAMID :
    Put 1-5 marbles on the top of the pyramide and tilt the Marble Boy away from you in order to get all the marbles to the top. Then tilt the Marble Boy back to you so all marbles roll down.
    Its more likely the marbles end up in the middle. With enough tries you should get a Gauss-Bell(Normal distribution)

Feel free to come up with your own rules and have fun.

You can also make your own games! For that I uploadet an extra 3D-Model on my Profile named "Marble Boy Game-kid" ( with a Step by Step Guide that describes how to make your own simple games like MARBOMAN and CHEESERUN.

When you make a game make sure that it fits in the game slot of the Marble Boy and please upload it on Cults with the Tag "MARBLE_BOY". That way every one can enjoy it.

3D printing settings

I use a Anet A8.
I used PLA, layer height of 0,15 and an infill of 10%.

Sadly, you can´t print the marbles, they dont roll as good as balls out of metall. I found the 5mm balls I use on amazone for a low price.

  • 3D model format: STL



Hello , I am Janis Bruchwalski.
I mainly create toys that are small and fun.



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