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The Longhouse

3D model description

Where better to hang up the sword for a day or two, pull up a flagon of mead or ten, and celebrate Yule, the winter solstice, Modraniht or any other end-of-year pagan festivity, than the village long house, and at the Thegn's expense? This building represents a traditional Longhouse of the Anglo-Saxon era at the time of the Viking invasions / the reign of Alfred the Great. It is in 28mm scale and designed for the wargaming table, but is of wider interest to those interested in the Dark Ages period. It will also be suitable for a viking building et al.

3D printing settings

Flashforge Creator Pro

Doesn't Matter



Please note that the two roof sections are quite thin and the tile rows are zillionths ( OK slight exaggeration but they're close) of an inch above the next so you may have to set your layer width etc to as fine as you can get.
I've included a roof truss in the package but mine actually came together fine without any as long as the top roof edges are butted up squarely against each other and glued

  • 3D model format: STL



Ian Harrison from London

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