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Snap fit Chess board

Free STL files Snap fit Chess board, Yipham

3D model description

This is everything you need to make your own chess board with no glue, acetone or messing around.

3D printing settings

You will need to print the following:

2 x quarter board left

2 x quarter board right

8 x connector pin

32 x tile (in a colour of your choice)

32 x tile (in a different colour of your choice)

I printed the connector pins and the tiles in ABS and the rest in PLA.

Printing the board sections can be very tricky as they have such large surfaces touching the build plate and they have a tendency to peel up on the corners.

The holes in the board for the connector pins are a really tight fit, this is on purpose so that they hold together without the need for glue. A little filing may be required to fit them in.

The tiles will snap into the spaces provided and will not need gluing or any other adhesive.

  • 3D model format: STL





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