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Simple Bubble Wand

3D model description

this is a simple bubble wand originally for a gift for my neighbour's kid's but anyone is welcome to 3d print this , i did this for the kids , it was a easy design like under 3-5 minutes to design
but i will allow this design to be open source

i also found to slowly and gently lift the wand from the bubble solution also i found just plain soapy water could be improved by using a syrup like glycerine but which ever bubble fluid works for you feel free
* also be careful not to get this in the eyes if so just rinse with clean tap water or a eye wash station*
*be be sure to advise young children that all though not poisonous bubble fluid is not intended to be food safe

3D printing settings

*general purpose plastic

  • 3D model format: STL



I am a caring Canadian , who likes math , logic , open debates , & really takes a big sedimental value to my ideas & designs as a kid i was very cerious guy who would read encyclopedias , & i still love documentries , i love collecting odds & ends of infomation which people described as a lot of reading , i am a guy who can always find a way , and a shadow of the past & who can think in ways most people cannot
I am the same guy as pinshape’s Tim (Timster Postma), pin shape’s Tim Postma
I also like messing with people as my way of a personal bond , so if you see me messing around understand its out of my heart of gold & that its just play for me

I also am a huge defender of innocent childplay without adults meddling or interfering unless there is a moral , ethical or legal issue

If there is something i treasure its the innocence of a person who are a young children or a special innocent people



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