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Serap-ta-tek BMF walker for Iron Undead

3D model description

Took SuperWargamer's Seraptek and made it printable at a friends request.
Using the video I found on Youtube by "IDICBeer 40k" as reference i am guessing its close to 24cm(10.5in) tall, so it may need to be resized if it is too large. While researching the size of this beast I saw the image with the marine under it , I believe that image is bogus. If any of you have proper size please let me know ill take this down and fix it

Needed alot of fiddly work mostly tidbits and tidying up. Let me know if you print it and if you have issues please leave a message, I will try to get to it asap. I am going to try to print it myself and make instructions next week.

If you have firsthand knowledge of one of these and all its glorious details that i may have missed, feel free to mod this and share please.

Normally for my models I split them then upload, im feeling lazy today so you will need to split the legs and gun for print.

The leg parts are all there they just get reused alot.

Legs pt3 you need 6, 1 is to be used on each leg, attached to the shoulder and hips using the larger ball joint.

Almost forgot the hips piece orients as an x at the base of the spine, with the nubs edge aligned with the spine. ill get instructions done asap.

The rest should be self explanatory, rear leg parts you will need one of each to assemble the legs and the same with the front legs.

other than that enjoy!

Update: 12/3/18
Started printing a Serap-ta-tek this weekend, noticed there was a gap in the hips/groin part, fixed it and uploaded the repaired part.

Update2: 12/5/18
found an issue with the front leg and the retractable "spike". Removed the spike from the leg as it was not attached very well, redesigned it and now it should work. On the original it can be extended or retracted this one is retracted only. If you feel adventurous go ahead and remix it plz.

update 3 5/19/19
There is now a gun added to the file. Honestly I coulda swore it was uploaded originally, it might have gotten deleted when i updated it, sorry about that..

  • 3D file format: STL





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