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Saxon Burh Fortified Gate

3D model description

This fortified gateway is effectively Part Two of the already uploaded modular Saxon Burh Walls which had an open gateway (handy if you're a marauding viking). As previously the model represents a gateway for a Saxon fortified town/burh in the age of Alfred the Great of Wessex at the time of the viking invasions. It is scaled to be suitable for use with 28mm wargaming or model figures

Also included in this package is a half-wall that I forgot to put in the original package because I'm senile. You will need the half wall/walls if you are making a whole burh and are using the gateway (always a good idea for entering/exiting) or some of the curved wall sections

3D printing settings

Flashforge Creator Pro

Doesn't Matter



See the exploded diagram for gatepost/hinge assembly.

Note that for sake of completion I have included the hinged gate rod which runs through the gate posts. I find it better to use something a bit stronger like wire, plastic dowel or thin wooden dowel - I used a piece of wire coat hanger. The gates were also attached to the rotating centre gatepost pieces using thin gauge wire - wargame modellers will be familiar with this pinning technique. The sites for these are marked on the gates and posts with narrow holes

Custom Section

As with the other models, mine were undercoated in gesso, painted with acrylics, and varnished in matt

  • 3D model format: STL



Ian Harrison from London



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