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Rosie the Robot Maid - Jetsons - Klicket Compatible

3D model description

It's 2020! Where are our robot maids?

Well, Klicket has a new form: Rosie the Robot Maid from the Jetsons Cartoon. She cannot cook or clean, but she would love to watch entertainments with you.

As usual, all of Rosie's parts are interchangeable with other Klicket figures. So, if you decide to upgrade Rosie's hands to a tentacle form, just download and print up new hands.

Klicket is a self-standing posable figure, suitable for use in low-budget video entertainment, or as a desktop mascot. Klicket likes to be useful too. Use Klicket as a phone stand, photo, business card, or a jewelry holder.

All of my Klicket figures are sideways compatible. Down them all, and their heads, feet and hands are interchangeable.

I have been making 2D figures, and self-standing paper dolls with interchangeable heads and limbs for years ( Klicket is my first 3D posable doll.

Let me know how this model works out for you. I welcome feedback.

  • 3D model format: STL





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