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Retro Dingbot Replica

3D model description

Included all parts, full plate and colour seperate plates.
Got Black, Red and White Filament? make a Dingbot!
(The head is poseable, that's about it for now..)
Thanks to Brendon.H, I found his model on the sketchup warehouse (it's the only dingbot on there). I remember these as a kid and thought it would be an easy print and easy to print in colour and not have to worry about painting or finishing, so I put it through blender and processed it for printing. Just glue a couple of pieces on and its done. The example in the photo is printed at 0.1mm, and smaller than the one I've included for download and also has some things fixed I ran into while printing, but feel free to scale as you wish. The overall width from foot to foot is 6cm if you print as is.
Read instructions for printing and full scale dingbot progress info

3D printing settings

Can be printed with no rafts or support (excluding arms, they print better with a little support) gaps are small enough to be bridged on the main body , just print fast at 60ms or above.
Recommend printing with low tolerance, at 0.1mm to 0.2mm

  • 3D model format: STL


Thanks for downloading, If you enjoy my models here, I guarantee you'll love the ones on my Patreon! :)



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