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Quadcopter "Crossfire Mini" for Small Printers (15x15)

3D model description

I love the amazing work done by MikeyB on designing an open source quadcopter frame, however it was designed for a 20x20 cm build platform which not all printers have. I for my self have a printrbot LC which has a build platform of 15x15cm, so I shrunk his design to fit on such a space. This is the result: the "Crossfire Mini".

This thing only contains the modified files. Please also see the original quadcopter "Crossfire" by MikeyB for the rest of the parts, more images, recommendations of electronic parts as well as instructions.

The changes I've done are as follows:

  • The arms of this copter are 4.5cm smaller than the original (and printed diagonally), providing a prop-to-prop distance of only 39.5cm on the diagonal (instead of about 48cm). It's enough for 9" props at most.
  • The top plate carries the receiver; since this holder exceeded the print volume, I moved it more towards the center and cut off the end which is now a separate part to be screwed together (the same screws from the original design). If you modify it to fit your Rx exactly, it will nicely hold it with no zip tie or glue required.
  • This design currently has neither a direct camera mount nor holes for bushings to add the "Vibration Dampening Camera Mount" also designed by MikeyB. Add them to your needs if you want to use FPV.

I modified the meshes of MikeyB's original design directly and only upload them. For the original SketchUp files, see the original Crossfire.

If you don't like the idea of having landing gears directly on the arm ends, see my Landing Gears for Crossfire, which is compatible with both the original Crossfire as well as this mini version.

  • 3D model format: STL





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