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Polystang - 3D Printed Pinewood Derby Mustang

3D model description

3D Printed Pinewood Car? Why Not? I am a Cubmaster / Denleader and try and come up with something new each year for our "Open Division".


Uses original wood block.
Uses provided wheels.
Axle position unchanged.
<5 ounces.
Not Legal:

Longer than 7 inches.
Dad didn't help.
This took far more time to make than if I had just crafted a body out of wood, but I had fun learning about 3D printing and how to fix meshes. I used Blender,, and Netfabb. I also enjoyed sharing what I learned with my cubs.

If you use this as the basis for your car, I hope you will modify it in some way to make it your own! I hope to see some cool paint jobs on it!

You can get files for the wheels at, and drivers at

3D printing settings

The original file, as near as I can tell comes from ghilas59 (

If you try and print it out as designed, you get something like

Kurt Blum made a good try at using it for a Pinewood car (, but it took nearly 8 hours to print out, wasn't quite to the scale I liked, and used tons of support material.

So, I cleaned up the mesh, and printed it in vertical section so it would fit on my print bed.

I used PLA and 10% fill on the nose and tail, and 0% fill on the center section so I could cut the windows out and add a driver ( You need to use support for the mirrors and wheel wells, but adds minimal material. I used Loctite 454 to join the sections.

The wood block does need to be cut to fit. You can get the dimensions from the photograph.

My car ended up at about 4.7 ounces.

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