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Ork Warlord or Ghaz using a Dreadknight

3D model description

The parts included are sized to work with a GK Dread knight. The elbow pins are positioned and proper size for the servo attachments on the dk arms. There are 2 claws of different sizes to pick from. The larger one has a movable wrist for posing.

On the top of the motor where the carburetor is, between the exhausts, my buddy had to remove the carb to get it to fit properly when he built it. I had envisioned positioning the motor higher up so its your call if you use it that way. There are some gaps either way you build and will need some GS filling

He used a Sigmar Ironjaw Megaboss torso and some other bits to make the ork, but i am sure any ork you want to mod will work.

Many thanks to Unistrut, McMarx, and Agentsmith99 without your guys work i would not have had the bits to do this litterally overnite. Oh since its in the pic, the "Skorcha" trakk is also done using Unistruts buggy parts. Stole the gunner basket, skorcha, and motor from it (to make the fuel pump) and a few barrels I put together when I made the 3 of them. (dont remember where i got the flamer head tho) most of you should be able to cobble them up yourselves. But, if needed ill throw the mod parts up. Enjoy, my buddy was happier than a Stormboy with a new rocket pack.

  • 3D file format: STL





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