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Octonauts Gup-B toy

3D model description

Currently my son is really into Octonauts, a kids show he found on Netflix. Of course he wants all the toys now too.

I was looking a some of the pictures on a website of the toys, and I realized that the shape of this particular craft was pretty basic, and the core of the model was just an elongated sphere.

So I took a stab at it in Tinkercad, and I was able to come up with something pretty close. I tried printing a couple different ways, but in the end I had to cut it in half and glue it together. I modeled some small holes in each half to use as alignment pins. I just used some snips of 1.75 filament for the pins. I did have to drill them out a little but it all worked fine.

For #MakeItFloat I can confirm that making the bottom half in .75 infill, and the top half .25 infill helps keep the Gup upright and floating. When tipped, the bottom heavy part goes does and keeps it from floating upside down.

He's over the moon about this toy, and now wants me to model all the other Gup craft. :)

3D printing settings

Print each half. I printed the bottom half with .75 infill and the top half with .25 infill on the theory that it will stay upright in the tub. Confirmed that this works well for #MakeItFloat and keeps it upright.

After printing, I had to redrill the alignment holes I had put in the model, since they didn't come out to 2mm. But it was easy to drill.

I used some snips of 1.75mm filament to line up each half, and just hot glued the model together.

Insert Octonaut toy (preferably Kwazi) and away you go! Yar! Shiver me whiskers! Etc. Etc.

  • 3D model format: STL



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