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Ocarina Of Time (7 Holes)

3D model description

In the original design, the ocarina was cutted in a half (and his flat sides wasn't totally flat), so you had to print them separately and glue it, also, the ring with the triforce hasn't a flat surface, and that makes it difficult to print. as well, the triforce logo was in the wrong side of the ring.

In this remix the ocarina is now in just two pieces (the ocarina, and the ring with the triforce)
the triforce logo is now on both sides of the ring, front and back. and it have a flat surface to make it easier to print.

What I recommend is to print the ocarina rotated to 53 degrees in Y (you can see the example in the images), I also moved the ocarina like 1mm in Z and added supports, in this way it will be printed all over supports.
NOTE: The ring doesn't need any supports

You can see the actual mesures in the images.

And yes, it works. have a nice print!

  • 3D model format: STL


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I just made this with wood filament and I don't know about mine it doesn't work at all.