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Nintendo 3DS DS Game Cartridge Case Mario Bros Question-Mark Box with snap-top

3D model description

A compact little Mario Bros "Question-mark" snap-top case to contain up to 5 of your precious DS and 3DS carts with extra room for up to 9 additional SD cards,

Available with open and closed holes.

3D printing settings

Print the case you like (-case.stl or -case_noholes.stl"), print the lid,

put in your DS/3DS games, an extra SD card on the side. You can also fit 2 SD cards between each cartridge.

It's a pretty small case and the carts are situated somewhat low so I recommend turning the outer most cart face-in to make removal easier. Depending on how fat your fingers are, or if you can't utilize a fingernail, you may need to remove the 2nd to last cart to get it out more easily.

Print 'em! Fill 'em! Stack 'em!!

  • 3D model format: STL





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