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Nerf Doublestrike Trigger mod

3D model description

This mod is for the Nerf DoubleStrike pistol. Please read all notes before printing, and share the print / notes if you make it! The pin holes might need to be drilled out slightly after printing, I did this to keep a smooth snug fit for the part.

After printing I found the following helps.
1. place trigger spring in trigger hole (smaller) and line it up with the bigger hole on the trigger.

2. Slide the trigger axle though the spring & big hole on the trigger shoe.
3. rotate the trigger so it is almost upsidown then rotate it counter clockwise and you lower the trigger and spring into the frame, this should allow for firm trigger spring. You will have to work the trigger down as you lower it onto the axle.
4. Have fun!

******READ THIS********
Be sure you take note of the small spring under the trigger when you take aprt the inside of the gun. If you can get a picture of it's correct position, as I guessed as to where it should lay.

  • 3D model format: STL





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