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Naquadah generator USB-LED version

3D model description

Here is my upgraded Naquadah generator from Stargate. It has EL wire (white), LED's and USB socket so you can use as decoration but also to charge your phone.

You will have to take electronics from EL wire from the case and solder positive to 5V on Arduino Nano and negative to GND on Arduino (see schematic).

EL wire goes inside the large long cylinder (printed in clear PLA) and through the small clear rods on the sides. You can fold the wire and put all inside the large cylinder to increase the brightness. Remember to permanently press the push button which normally switch EL wire, but we want that permanently on so when you plug it to USB it will lights up automatically. I used tape to tape over the push button.

The top of the Naquadah generator is empty inside so you can fit all the electronics and LED's. Solder the Blue LED's to pins D2-D5 and Red LED's to pin D11-D12.

You will need UBS cable to power the Arduino Nano (see schematic) and another USB cable (male to female) to mount inside one of the side spheres, so you can then put smartphone on charge.

You end up with 2 USB cable (one to power Arduino and one as an extension for smartphone charging) so you will need mains plug with 2 USB sockets.

It's not particularly easy project to assemble, but if you a Stargate fan it's definitely worth doing. If you will need help with the assembly please message me. Any comments and advice are welcome.

  • 3D model format: STL



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