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Mini Table Soccer

3D model description

This is a small table soccer game for 2 people.
You can either print the court and the goals as one piece, or as single pieces (if you want to use different colors).
If you have printed every piece, stick the goals to the court, put the player into the holders and fix them with the attachment. Before sticking the attachment to the court, make sure that the players are mobile. If they were not, sand the holes in the holder and the attachment a bit until you can move the players. I recommend using superglue for sticking the things together.
If you have a small Lego football at home or any other round object with a diameter of about 1cm you can use these for playing instead of the printed ball.

3D printing settings

  • about 20 cm. long
  • 15 hours printing time
  • 15 % infill
  • supports needed for players and goals
  • 3D model format: STL



Hello, World!
I'm a student who found his fascination for 3D Printing when our school got a 3D Printer. Furthermore I'm interested in modeling things with a CAD software. Have fun while browsing through my things!
If you have special wishes for things I could design, please let me know! :D



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