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Micro quad V1 remix tor Hubsan X4

3D model description

I had a Hubsan X4 which I stripped and mounted into the V2 dream catcher frame, As the wires were short and soldered on to the

FC its snapped a wire off when I had a heavy landing.

I decided to remix the V1 frame to take all the Hubsan parts.

The frame has mounts for 7mm motors and a recess in the centre for

FC and the battery.

I made a slot down the arms to take the cables and LED's.

The holes in the arms near the FC have been opened up to 7.5mm

so the motors can be pushed through the arm and then back in to the mounts, this allows the parts to be fitted and removed without unsoldering the wires.

The battery is held in place with loom bands hooked on the lugs at the sides.

The LED's are popped into the slots of each arm and held with a small dot of hot glue.

I printed it in natural PLA so the LED's light the frame up nice.

The frame weighs 14g when printed and it is 40g total all up which is the same as the V2 build I made.

I will try and upload some vids soon.

Thanks to

Hope you enjoy it.

3D printing settings

I printed in natural PLA at 0.2 layer height and 60% fill with 3 solid layers.

The drawing is for 7mm motor mounts but I had to run a 7mm drill down it to get the motors in as the hole printed a bit undersize on my machine.

I mounted the board and held with a dot of hot glue.

I the passed the motors through the hole in the arm and back in to the mounts so the wires did not need to be removed and re-soldered.

I then put the LED's in the arms and glued them in.

The battery is held in place with loom bands.

Have Fun

  • 3D model format: STL





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