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Make: Robot Hotglue Injection Mold

3D model description

Make: Millions of Make robots with a hot glue injection mold! with the time of making these cute mascots lowered, now you can make more than ever before! The two mold pieces print in about 1 hour and 45 minutes total, and then you can start producing like mad!

Post makes! I'd love to see how different layer heights and printer settings effect your millions of clones!

Printed on a Printrbot Simple.

PLA from

3D printing settings

printed at 0.3 layerheight, but any layerheight will work.

designed in 123d design


1.spray mold with cooking oil

2.set hot glue gun to low settings and let it heat

3.clamp the mold a layered piece of tin foil in the injection slot, so the mold doesn't melt.

5.inject the hot glue until it starts to leak out the air release slot (which is on the side)

6.wait 20-40 min for the mold to cool.

7.pull off the front of the mold.

8.carefully push out the leg with your fingernail and lift the model out of the mold


  • 3D model format: STL





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