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Magnetic Stash Box / Puzzle Box

3D model description

I am a longtime fan of puzzle boxes and wanted to make one that uses a magnet to open. This box was inspired by Walter Hsiao's magnetic box. I loved his concept of using opposing polarity magnets as hinges.

Installing HInges: Each hinge uses 2 opposing 1/8in x 1/4in magnets. The reversed polarity creates a 'spring' feel that keeps the magnet extended into the void on the base.

The latch mechanism is comprised of a 1/8in x 1/4in magnet stacked on a 3/16in x 1/32in magnet. This portion goes into the large opening on the latch (back side). Another 1/8in x 1/4in is pressed into the small cover so that when installed it opposes the stacked magnets.

In the top corner of the lid, and top corner of the base, there is a spot for a 1/8in x 1/4in magnet. These are installed opposing and force the lid to pop open when the latch is depressed.

Lastly, a 3/8in x 1/8in magnet is pressed into the 'key' piece. when installed correctly, this should oppose the latch from the outside.

If anyone has any issues installing magnets, I can make a video showing assembly.

  • 3D model format: STL





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