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Magic Zoetrope

3D model description

Wind powered Zoetrope specially designed for 3D printing. Easy to print and assemble, perfect for children who will enjoy themselves with the magic of this pre-film animation device. Wide variety of animations can be found on the web, just look for the one you enjoy the most!!

3D printing settings

This is a very easy thing to print and assemble. You just need to download the 3 STL files and print them (1 part for the Base, 1 part for the Rotor and 3 times the part called Blade). I printed them in PLA with 10% infill (to reduce the weight), no supports needed. I also used a simple ball bearing like these ones shown on this link:

(dimensions are important because the parts are designed to fit this kind of bearing).

Once the parts are printed you need to assemble the bearing into the Rotor part and make sure it keeps fixed and well balanced. Maybe you will need a bit of sanding (not in my case). In order to insert the Rotor into the Base, I put some adhesive tape into the Base pin till the bearing is perfectly fixed and the rotation is smooth. Then you have to glue the blades on the rotor using a bit of Superglue. Use the small supports the Rotor has for this step.

Now you only need to find your favourite animation design and print it in a ISO A4 sheet in landscape position (the inner perimeter of the Rotor has just the lenght of an A4 in landscape position). Put it inside your Zoetrope and wait for the next summer breeze...and magic! things came into life!!

In the pictures you will find some animation examples, google the word "Zoetrope" to find those you like most.

Enjoy it!

  • 3D model format: STL





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