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Magic Cake

3D model description

It's bigger on the inside...
A cake that is taller than the lid it fits under. For my daughter's Halloween costume. It's cool, it works, but it's hard to imagine that the hours it will take you to print and finish will pay off in the seconds of amazement.

Requires three M3 screws to attach level 1 to the platter. I used 10mm length, but any length will likely work.

Also requires these magnets to work:, currently $8US on Amazon. You'll need to CA glue them into place. Before gluing make sure the + and - ends of each magnet match up to their opposite of their mate on the level above or below. I did this by marking one end with a Sharpy pen. It's also good to alternate + with - as you go around the 3rd level. That way, if you slightly rotate the lid, it will detach from the cake (you can see this in the video above). If you mess up your magnet orientation, remember that acetone dissolves CA glue.

- After printing it, I found the 3rd level likes to rotate and get stuck under the 2nd level. As a patch, I had to add the red plastic beam pictured above to keep the 3rd level from falling past the 2nd. I cut a piece of plastic from a laundry detergent bottle for this.
- I also found that the 2nd level would not fit into the 1st, due to the anchors inside the 1st level for screwing into the platter. Using nippers, I clipped out space in the 2nd level for the 1st level's anchors. Sorry, not worth my time yet to adjust the model, but if there's demand I'll see to it.
- The rectangular holes in the tray are for a Velcro strap to hold it to your hand.

  • 3D model format: STL





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