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Lottery Scratcher Tool

3D model description

Check out my Lottery Scratcher Tool! The tool removes wide strips of material with each stroke and will clean a Scratcher Ticket in a just a few strokes. The Cutting Head is designed to remove material with forward or backward strokes and is designed for right or left hand use. How does it work so well? It’s about the shape of the cutting head; it cuts a wide swath and channels derbies away at the same time.

I have provided several to choose from.

1. “Lucky Quarter Scratcher”, go ahead and snap in your favorite quarter and still keep that luck in your hand!

2. “Basic Scratcher”, just like a quarter but has a duel cutting head on it. Basic Scratcher can snap into the Lucky Quarter Scratcher making a four headed scratching tool.

3. “Mini Scratcher”. Same as others, just really small.

4. “Four Leaf Clover Scratcher”. Nothing like the luck of the Irish! LOL

Note: Supports built into the parts; just snap them off after printing. And I have printed these parts on a Acrylic Table with Tape and on a Heated Table with Kapton. Prints work fine both ways.

Enjoy, Reamo

  • 3D file format: STL





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