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Ladder Peg Toy 3000: Codename Overkill

3D model description

I'm learning Fusion360 and had to decide on a first project. I used to have one of these tumble-down-the-ladder toys when I was a kid and had been thinking for a while to design one for the 3D printer so: behold the Ladder Peg Toy 3000 !!!

To start playing with the thing you just need to print these three files: LPT3K_peg, LPT3K_ladder and LPT3K_ladder_base. For me layer resolution 0.2mm works well; if you use 0.3mm layers you may have to file or sand the inner part of the peg for it to flow smoothly.

The other STL files are just decorative clip-on covers for the peg. For now the following things are ready to be sent tumbling down the ladder:

Humpty Dumpty,
Toilet person A,
Toilet person B,
The economy,
The ladder itself.
You can add your own covers too! Just offset the peg 0.4mm and do a boolean operation against whatever shape you want to use.

Check the animated GIF below to see how to properly operate this LPT3K thingy.


PS: Fusion360 is amazing!
PS2: I found very good tips on building this kind of toy here:

  • 3D model format: STL





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