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Kids (Lego compatible) Cruise Boat

3D model description

Well.... let's use that big CR-10 (30cmx30cm) build platform!

Inspired by a DUPLO cruise boat kids wanted to have there own, but for LEGO. I had noting useful to do so here is my creation. ;-)

It is a basic shape so it's up to the kids imagination and creativity to make it ready for the passengers and seaworthy. The rooms below deck can slide out to be easy accessible to make nice comfy rooms.

Update: 12-05 Added lifeboat for safety...
Update: The LEGO measurements were not 100% Correct. All parts applicable where corrected. (V2)
Update 24-05 Added ships bow deck rail, just for the looks and to replay Titanic. (Fits only main deck version 4!)

I designed it to be as much 3D printable my Fusion 360 skills let me and easy to assemble. But never the less there are quite some challenges left. For example the water slide!!

I printed the biggest part (Ships main deck) and it just fits the printbed of my CR10-S. I uploaded a picture to prove it.

The colors are all yours. You can paint the parts or be creative with the spools you have.

To put al the parts together you need glue! Do not forget to put the below deck rooms in first before you glued the main deck on. Use the explode view as a guide. There are some guide rails to mark all the right positions of the individual components.

Have fun making and please leave me some feedback if you print this thing. You will make my day. I like getting a Like in return for my thing.

LAST HINT After collecting: Please revisit this thing page just before you start actually printing. Maybe you miss an important update for one or more parts

  • 3D model format: STL



Hi there,

I love tinkering my designs together in Fusion 360. Mostly inspired by things witch have some use. I'm always open for new ideas. If it's within my skills to make it, I'm happy to have a go with it.

Have fun making!



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