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John Deere Tractor and Trailer

3D model description

Just a little tractor for my kids to play. Kind of an John-Deere-Design (nothing runs like a Deere)...

Parts are pretty simple, just print and plug/glue them together. The original design with 100% print settings needs some M4 treaded rod. I've printet some Tractors with 150% print settings, therefor you can use the "Axle_for_150.stl" and the same M4 treaded rod.

Parts must be aligned for your printer! Some of them are twisted in my files... take care.

Part List Tractor:

1x Body

1x Roof

1x Rooftop

2x Fender Front

2x Fender Rear

2x Rim Front

2x Rim Rear

2x Tear Front 1

2x Tear Front 2

2x Tear Rear 1

2x Tear Rear 2

Part List Trailer:

1x Trailer Body

4x Trailer Rim

4x Trailer Tire 1

4x Trailer Tire 2

...and have fun! :-)

3D printing settings

ZYYX 3D Printer



All parts should be easily printable. I have printed my stuff on the pictures with 150% increase and with PLA from BQ, except the tires, they're printed with Ninjaflex. Most parts don't need any support, except the whiffletree from the trailer.

Attention: Parts must be aligned! The coordinate system is not designed for the print!


I think the assembly can be done without any explanations - in my case I have glued the wheels and the roof with "Uhu Por" glue together.

  • 3D model format: STL


3D-Printing since 2015, therefor I use ZYYX 3D Printers. My designs are made with SOLIDWORKS.



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