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Interlocking Rocket Stack

3D model description


This is a little project I'm doing to keep the old Ultimakers busy. The segments can all be printed in under an hour on my Ultimaker Original + printers. So every time I'm in my studio I try to add a couple simple designs to expand on the stack!

The end result should be a 7ft tall rocket! Or however tall it is when I'm done with it...

I'll keep uploading parts till then... the bottom and top are coming (the top I added just now)! Join me and print a couple of these out... Let me know what versions I still need to add!

I'm printing these using an 0.8mm nozzle with 0.3mm thick layers at 40mm per second. That keeps print time manageable. You may have to tweak your flow a bit to get a nice strong part with a good connection. On my machines I have flow at 120%.

If you don't have an 0.8mm nozzle... just print with a double outer wall and no infill, no top/bottom/support and you should (should) be ok.

Share a picture or two if you decide to join me!!

Everything is being printed in Formfutura EasyFil PLA for now.

  • 3D model format: STL




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