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Industrial Walkways 28mm

3D model description

This Thing contains a set of .stl files for industrial walkways designed to be used between larger pieces of sci-fi wargame terrain. The platforms are 25mm square, and in lengths of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. Included is a set of legs and angle pieces that can be clipped to the platforms to support them between terrain. The platforms can also be clipped together to extend their length, and there are also two varieties of hand rail included.

There is also a set of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm platforms that are ridged. These, along with the two ramp pieces allow you to build a 30 degree ramp that figures can be placed on without sliding down.

If you make something interesting with these designs, post a link please. I enjoy seeing what people do with my designs.

3D printing settings


Anet A8


Doesn't Matter







Supports: Supports are NOT be required for the platforms themselves. Supports are only required for the 'LeftAngle', 'RightAngle', 'Connector', 'SupportLeg', 'RampRight' and 'RampLeft' .stl files.

Assembly: The pieces are designed for a tight friction fit. Some filing of the clip and support pieces may be required during assembly. Gluing is recommended as well.

The 'CommonClip' piece will have to be printed multiple times for each platform, as one is required to hold each angle, connector or leg piece to a platform.

  • 3D model format: STL



I'm a hobbyist war-gamer based in New Zealand. I'm focused on creating original 3D designs for 28mm scale war-gaming that can print quickly and easily on low priced hobbyist consumer 3D printers.

See for my designs in action on the war gaming table.



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