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Foldable drone frame (wider body, higher ground clearence,bottom access plate) Remix

3D model description

If u like this 3D project, please kindly vote my instructables... :)

!! Caution this project is still on progress so maybe some changes will be made next !!

Last update :
"Fix Body bottom mesh for Slic3r slicer engine... 24/1/17"
"Remove weakness spot near rear arm motor, separate all arm so it can print flat to the bed & i move other mod to remix.... 16/1/17"
"Just finish First version Mini Gimbal... still tweaking the BGC configuration... ... 14/1/17"
"Adding head cover no GPS box... 11/1/17"
"Fiixed body botom arm holes... 9/1/17"
"Extended landing skirt are tested... 7/1/17"
"All part are tested, except... optional extended landing skirt 6/1/17"
"adding extended landing skirt... not tested yet...6/01/17"
"Sorry, i just realize that no screw hole in the back arm after i print it... i just put the hole back on it... 4/1/17"

This is only an idea of making fordable drone like DJI MAVIC... feel free to use and edit it...
i use a spring for snapping mechanism on folding arm...

This new remix having :
1. bigger body compartment,
2. bottom plate for accessing from bottom

3. GPS box
4. longer arm support for higher clearance
5. but smaller space for gimbal / camera -->for some of you who asking to donate for me ... many many thanks for that ...

  • 3D model format: STL



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