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Fleet of Nautilus

3D model description

Several Nautilus submarines from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, each painted a different colour.

UPDATE: I've made the tail a bit thicker so you can print at smaller scales.

3D printing settings

Using Blender I modelled these from an image I found on the Internet.

There are two halves and a stand.

For the Nautilus submarine itself, I usually print each half separately then glue them together.

I scaled the stl by 2000% before printing these samples and I am using PLA with a Replicator 2.

There is a slight amount of warping so you have to hold or clamp the two pieces fairly tight at both ends until the glue sets.

I use super glue (it's the only adhesive I've found that really works with PLA), so you need to align really carefully then commit…

Again, I have no alignment tabs of any kind in the models - sorry.

It's easy to paint them after gluing.

Finally, the windows are Wiggle Eyes from any craft store that were painted then glued on.

I could have printed them but you just can't get the finish or resolution that I want on 3D printers (yet).

Oh, make sure you rotate the model so the flat side is on the build plate.

You will need to print the stand twice.

  • 3D model format: STL





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