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DIY Basketball Hoop

3D model description

This is a quick and easy weekend project.

Materials list:

3D printer
Laser cutter
Supper Glue
The basketball backboard measures 24 x 14 inches.
The basketball hoop is 6 inches.

Remixed mini basketball hoop by daGHIZmo.

Note: I will try to add more information about this project later so check back soon.

3D printing settings

Prepare your printer for the basketball hoop (Make sure that your printer has a large enough print volume first). Load the Basketball_Hoop.stl file in your slicer and print.
As that is going, open up the Basketball_Backboard.dxf file in Adobe Illustrator and use a laser cutter to cut out the basketball backboard. Use more power on the border of the backboard to cut it out and use less power to engrave the square.
Once, the cut is complete, use a wood stain and some masking tape to give some color to the backboard.
To start the basketball hoop net, first cut out 7 strings to approximately 2ft in length.
Burn the tips of the strings with a stove flame to prevent the string from splitting.
Fold one piece of string evenly down the middle and feed it through the holes on the hoop.
Tie two lengths of string together every 1 inch. As you get closer to the bottom of the string, tie each string closer together.
Then cut the excess string once you are happy with the length of the net.
Position the basketball hoop to the center of the backboard (Use a ruler to measure the distance from the left and right edges)
Apply a couple drops of supper glue to the back side of the basketball hoop and press the hoop against the backboard.
Use command strips to hang the basketball backboard to the wall (Make sure that it is level)
You can watch a part of this video to see how to tie the net:

  • 3D model format: STL



I have been 3D printing since March 2017 and I am 16 years old. I am interested in creating useful prints and home decor. I am also interested in computer programming. I am still a beginner/intermediate at CAD and a high school student, so I create designs during my leisure time. I got into 3D printing when my school started discussing and showing us their printers. At school we got some elite printers: The Prusa i3 mk2 and the Lulzbot Taz 5. I also got motivated by YouTube videos as well.



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