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Customizable Diorama

3D model description

# #Round 2, in the epic matchup!

# #1 design per week, winner take all!

# #The Challenge is evolving!

If you were following along last week, you saw that both of our designs were remixes. We both knew that we had to bring original designs to the table for this weeks challenge.

My entry for this week is a Customizable Diorama. It's modular so you can design all sorts of different scenes and mix them together. What starts as a lovely woodland scene with rabbits and trees quickly evolves into an Alien invasion, then just as quickly Super Intelligent Androids appear to fend off the otherworldly threat!

Click here to make your own!

Your imagination (and drawing ability) are the only limits to the awesome scenes you can create.

The more people draw and share their scenes, the more combinatory possibilities there are! Factorial growth!

Each pane allows you to add 3 hand-drawn shapes which can be multiplied, rotated, scaled and moved around.

The diorama is fully customizable, down to the size and number of panels that the frame can hold. You could even make a frame that can hold a ton of really thin panels and recreate the cross sections of an animal or other shape!

(100 internet points to the first person who makes a blue whale cross section diorama)

  • 3D model format: STL





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