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Crazy Gear Face

3D model description

I was experimenting with printable ball bearings. Then I had this thought, why not print the ball bearing recess right into the moving parts? This is the monstrosity that came out of SolidWorks. I call him Crazy Gear Face.

3D printing settings

  1. Print one of each STL.
  2. Place 4 BBs into the recess of the gear.
  3. Being careful not to drop the BBs, place the Gear onto the face.
  4. Align the BBs around the groove so that they hold the gear in place.
  5. Align the dimple in the gear with the dimple in the face. This dimple will act as a hole that you can load more BBs into the bearing.
  6. Pop 9 more BBs into the dimple-hole.
  7. Repeat 2-6 for the other gear.
  • 3D model format: STL





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