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corsair f4U1 engine engine cap

3D model description

Here is a simplified and optimized version for printing the engine cover of an F4U1 privateer.

If you want to change the scale in cura pay attention to the thickness of the cover.

the printing is done in 2 parts. On part 2 the tube which is 0.4 mm thick is to be removed, it is there to avoid having too much support.

I advise you to use epoxy glue for the assembly and to add an epoxy layer inside at the junction of the 2 parts.

To have an impeccable external appearance:

1-Apply a thin layer of polyester putty

2-Sand the sealant until you see the printing plastic with 400 grit sandpaper and water. (PLA, ABS...)

3-Apply a coat of primer and sand down the areas that need it


To support me:

  • 3D model format: STL



Je suis dessinateur industriel et l'impression 3D est un de mes passe-temps.
Je partage mes fichiers sur ce site, car ça me fait plaisir de savoir que mes créations peuvent être imprimées et utilisées par d'autres partout dans le monde. =)

Bon prints à tous.
Et arrêtez d'imprimer des petits bateaux un peux. ;)

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