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ColorKu Travel Edition

Download free STL file ColorKu Travel Edition, Mr_TantrumDownload free STL file ColorKu Travel Edition, Mr_Tantrum

3D model description

This is a travel version of the really fun ColorKu game (

I have successfully test printed and fit the game pieces to the board, and am in the process of printing everything now for the final game. I will post pics of the actual printed game when complete.

The game is Sudoku but instead of using numbers it uses colors. For easiest puzzle setup, if you own the ColorKu game you can simply use the puzzle cards that come with the game. Additionally, you may also purchase puzzle card packs seperately:

However, you don't have to buy cards to play the game. You can use a normal Sudoku puzzle setup using the following color/number associations:

1 = red
2 = orange
3 = yellow
4 = light green
5 = dark green
6 = light blue
7 = dark blue
8 = light purple
9 = dark purple

When printing you will want to choose a neutral color for your board (e.g. white, marble, gray, etc.)

For the game pieces, you will need to print a set of 9 in each of the 9 colors above (or a close substitute - e.g. use pink for light purple, etc.) As a FYI, I have provided 3 game piece STL files with 9 game pieces, each with a different diamenter base. For my setup, the 14.8mm base fits perfectly in the 15mm holes. However, understanding that tolerances may be different on some printers, I have also included game pieces with a 14.7mm base and a 14.6mm base.

For storage of game pieces, I suggest using a ziplock bag, a cloth pouch with a drawstring, or any box that will work that you find here on Thingiverse.

  • 3D model format: STL





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