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Butterfly Comb (Fun, Functional, Aggressive)

3D model description

Stick it to the man (figuratively only please!) with this open source, fun and completely functional butterfly-comb!

All the flash and guile of a butterfly knife, but your fingers get to stay attached to your hands!

Based off of Techno264's excellent design, this blade has wider, curved teeth which print easily and won't break off. Also, the comb now has a blood groove, and an angled tanto point for an aggressive look :)

The butterfly-comb is completely harmless, fun to play with, and a you can really comb your hair with it!

It prints in minutes, so you can use it to impress friends when giving a demo of your 3D printer :)

I will be posting a video about the comb on my site shortly:

Update 12/2/2012 1700: Added experimental untested comb with pointy teeth :)

Update 12/2/2012 1800: Added a second experimental pointy tooth comb :)

Update 12/5/2012 1828: V2 Comb Blade uploaded. It is 1mm thicker (more sturdy) and has pointed curved teeth.

3D printing settings

  1. Print One Comb-Blade and Two Handles

  2. For assembly, I used:

2x 16mm M3 bolts
2x M3 nuts
4x m3 washers (nylon, but metal will work :) )

If the parts are not moving freely, just run a drill bit through the holes :)

Find this on TinkerCAD and re-create it as you see fit:

  • 3D model format: STL





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