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Astronaut Action Figure Play Set for Alien invasion of Mars

3D model description

Astronaut Action Figure Play Set for Alien invasion of Mars

Ideas for our initial Mars Exploration

Astronaut / Alien (A poseable, jointed explorer):

The moment we step foot on Earth we can call ourselves Aliens!!! Our heroes are wearing the latest in space technology, complete with pressurized suits and made to be compatible with the many accessories required to establish the first human colony on mars. Suit is designed with a Jet pack (good for short burst with Mar's reduced gravity), securing device on rover, and port to landing capsules.

The suit is manufactured in one piece with no assembly required taking full advantage of the latest technologies in 3D printing. Even though printed in one piece the arms and legs move with a great range of motion.

Landing Capsule (Orion Evolved):

Inspired and developed by the work on the Orion Capsule. The shape change was required for 3D printing/manufacturing. Once landed the crew will convert the capsules into living space and labs with all the comforts of home.

The emergency hatch prints in one piece and once manufacturing is completed opens and closes with no additional assembly required. To the left of the door is the emergency air lock release. To the left of the release is the port to enter and exit the capsule directly into the suit utilizing the same concept developed by for the small pressurized rover (SPR)


3D printing settings

Will add detailed Instructions Soon.

Nothing special really with any of the prints. Suggest printing Astronaut at 100% fill for durability.

  • 3D model format: STL





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